Medical Transcription Services

Medfields Healthcare is an experienced medical transcription service provider capable of offering medical transcription services to multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, healthcare institutions, etc.

Medical Transcription plays a key role in medical practice. Accurate and timely transcriptions are an absolute must. But many healthcare providers and medical practices are struggling to handle the transcription volume and submit reports into the system. In such scenarios, the need for outsourcing medical transcription services arises. Medfields Healthcare is one such experienced medical transcription service provider capable of offering medical transcription services to multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, healthcare institutions, etc.

Employing our extensive background as an Information Technology company, we have successfully developed a system that electronically receives/sends dictations and transcriptions in a secured environment which saves time and money.

We guarantee you savings of 20% to 40% over your current transcription service. We also offer services for expedited files (emergency files) that can be sent back to the client in as low as 60 to 90 minutes. Our dedicated medical transcriptionists guarantee delivery of your completed transcriptions within 24 hours from the time of uploading the file onto our servers. Stat reports will be returned in 4-12 hours from the time of uploading the dictations.

Our strength lies in our talented and skilled medical transcriptionists who can provide quality and error-free transcriptions for diverse streams such as Radiology, Gynecology, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Internal medicine, etc. We are committed to meet the growing needs of our clients by successfully blending the latest technology applications with outstanding transcribing skills.


Transcription Services We Offer

With our comprehensive services, we guarantee immense benefits in terms of increased efficiency and enhanced productivity. We are adhered to quality and deliver the following cost-effective transcription services.

  • Lab Report Transcription
  • Medical Correspondence Transcription
  • Patient Chart Transcription
  • Medical History Transcription
  • Physical Report Transcription
  • Medical Record Summary Transcription
  • Progress Notes Transcription
  • Pediatric/Geriatric Report Transcription
  • Emergency Room Report Transcription
  • Surgery Notes Transcription
  • Operative Reports Transcription
  • Discharge Summary Transcription
  • Rehabilitation Report Transcription
  • Teleconference Notes Transcription
  • Clinical Summary Transcription
  • SOAP Notes Transcription

Our Medical Transcription Process

We are proficient in offering the most comprehensive medical coding services with improved code accuracy, effective compliance and at reduced costs.

Transcription Process

  • Patient Visits The Doctor
  • The Doctor records audio on dictation
  • The Doctor uploads audio files
  • Medical transcriptionist downloads audio files
  • Medical transcriptionist transcribes files
  • Proof-read and edit transcribed document
  • Transcribed document sent to the doctor

In order to ensure consistency in transcription quality, we ensure to allocate a dedicated transcriptionist to each client account and follows a streamlined transcription process as mentioned below.

  • Doctor records the patient’s appropriate medical information during dictation and saves in an audio format
  • Doctor contacts our medical transcription team for transcription and uploads or sends audio files through secure FTP/Data server or we access the client portal with unique login credentials to get access to the audio file
  • Our dedicated transcriptionist accurately transcribes the doctor’s dictation in the client-specific template
  • We follow a 2-tier Quality Assurance for copy editing and final editing
  • Files are then proof-read to identify errors
  • Completed documents are sent through FTP/uploaded to the client’s website
  • If there are any reviews, the client sends feedback and changes are incorporated
  • Files get electronically signed by doctors and final files are sent to the client

Why Outsource Your Medical Transcription Services To Medfields Healthcare?

Outsourcing medical transcription services to Medfields Healthcare enables your healthcare organization to experience a series of benefits.